14 mars 2010

I wonder how the kids know what's right?

The political turmoil in Thailand continues. And I thought about that the kids must get confused. Now more then ever the color of the shirt are more important for the two dominating political camps, red and yellow.
How should the kids understand this? How should kids understand when Che Guevara clothings and Nazi symbols are sold to somehow to promote either the yellow (Democrats) or the red (Republicans). For us it's confusing enough, but how do the Thai's educate their youth in this confusing matter? The poorest and the richest are rallying for The reds? The educated and high end middle class for the Nazi, communist symbol promoting Yellows? How this did happen?

And in the midst of this is there two political camps separating police against military (even if in theory) and a king that is loved by all but are probably to sick and tired of the turmoil to even mention anything (yet). And the Thai media are almost all controlled by the red or the yellow camp, and are under strict censorship. It's a classical pseudo democracy in that way, media has a LOT of conspiracy theory's, it was the same when Mr. Thaksin had almost total control over the media before the 2006 military coup.

As my friend told me Communist revolution symbols as Nazi symbols are strong symbols for change, that's why they are used. But I somehow can't let go of the fact that it seems more like they have no idea what kind of symbols they are selling and sometimes using in public life and political rally´s.
Maybe the kids in Thailand are as confused as I am. But I guess that's why you are not aloud to vote until you are 18, but the socialization are the base and they are thought this political confusion. As you understand I ask myself a question, concluding facts so if you have an answer for all of us who are are set with a big "?" please comment.

But to get some sense of what is happening in real-time check this twitter http://twitter.com/georgebkk

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Perra sa...

Hej Danne,

Glöm aldrig barnen! Ett bra och insiktsfullt inlägg om situationen i BKK. Vi är nu i staden och följer detta.

Ha det bra!
Perra o Sonja

Anonym sa...

Bra det ta hand om er!!! P.s har ni träffat min lillebror Nils? Han är där med i Bangkok nu;) Ni borde träffa upp han.


Anonym sa...

Hur når jag honom?
Vår thaimobil: 0800773886

Annika sa...

mycket tänkvärt...men än så länge tror jag att de flesta barnen ser det hela som en fest...men det kan ju ändras snabbt. jag gillar dina bilder.

kyungmee sa...

Hi! First, I love your title image at top of blog! And as said before..I love your photojournalistic appoach to your images..maybe my favorites!