29 feb. 2008

28 feb. 2008

Photoshop 2008-02-28

Some texture work. A bit simple picture I guess, But fun.

Corp. Dj-ingen photgraphy, 2008

26 feb. 2008

Digital tone festival

selected photos from Saturdays music festival in Uppsala, Sweden. DTF is an electronic music festival that hosts music styles like: electro, techno, drum & bass, hip hop and reggae.
2008´s performance list can be found Here: digitaltonefestival

Corp. Dj-ingen photography 2008

23 feb. 2008


A Photo project I made in 2005/2006. Touching the subject of refugees inside Thailand fleeing the Burmese army and the SPDC or/and for economical reasons. I will not get into and describing every situation or person. The photos are taken at border areas such as Mae sai/Tachilek, Mae sot/Myawaddy, Ban Hua mae kham, Bangkok (railway slums), Tha Ton, Ban Mae Sariang, Mae hong son and Toet Thai. I was mostly traveling to rural areas and smaller villages by motorbike. People I photographed and interview where: Shan (Tai Yai), Hmong, Burmese, Karen, Thai, Lisu, Lahu, Akha and Naga tribes fleeing fighting in the northeast regions of India. Most of the refugees I met had recently or in the last few years arrived to work in Thailand. Many are victims of corruption and slave like working conditions.
The poverty for most of these people on both sides of the border is indescribable. One of the worst situations I experienced is for the refugees inside Burma fleeing the uprising in North east India´s provinces such as Nagaland, Assam and Manipur. These are refuges trying to cross through Burma and into the promise land Thailand. They get caught on the border to Thailand and sent back to special camps around Mywaddy (Burma). These camps not even UN has access to. Food are delivered from the UN food program through temples and delivered to the camps, by then most food had been taken by Burmese army or allied troops.
Just add a comment if something comes to mind.

Corp. Dj-ingen Photography, 2008

22 feb. 2008

When we celebrate

When we celebrate something or just having a friendly party it can look like this.

Corp. Dji-ingen photography, 2008

Some mixed stock photos.

Some of my stock photos put up for view.

Disco dancing, Sweden
Boy swimming in the river, Thailand
Portrait, Sweden
Yamaha Motorbike show, Thailand
Man of the 40´s, Sweden
Train, Sweden

Corp. Dj-ingen photography, 2008

19 feb. 2008

Slide show

I put up a small slide show test. Most of these photos you probably seen on my blog before. Enjoy tell me what u think. Photos and music made by Me Dj-ingen Corp. 2008

Ruff and windy

On the train between the Swedish city's Gävle and Uppsala. It´s windy but not to cold just before a short snowstorm two days ago. The feeling of loneliness came over me after seeing this view. and Click to enlarge.

Corp. Dj-ingen photography, 2008

17 feb. 2008

After Work

Relax in the sofa or have a bath tomorrow it´s monday do it after work.

Corp Dj-ingen photography, 2008

14 feb. 2008

Valentine! AnDUkNoWIT!

Me and Apisada wish you all a happy Valentines day!

Corp. Dj-ingen photography 2008

13 feb. 2008

new style.

Just a test of a bigger design and spaced out retouch project. Hope you guys like it.

Corp. Dj-ingen photography, design 2008

11 feb. 2008

Save your photos.

Your photos may not always be burned out in the highlighted part of the frame even if you think so when you take a fast look at it. Of course this is a job for photoshop. In this example of one of my friends picture I been using different techniques as in Photoshop CS3 (works in CS and CS2): Shadow highlights in adjustments menu, gradient tool to fill a new layer and blend it with a bit of Overlay in the layer blending options. Then converting it into a black and white photo and using reduce noise filter to smoothen the the whole frame of the photo. Levels/adjustment to get the right contrast and last toning it with a adjustment layer/photo filter to get the blue toning.

and woalaa!

first u see the original then the new version. Click on the photo to have a closer look.

Corp Anders Photography / dj-ingen retouch 2008

Wedding mix

A small collection of photos from three different wedding photoshoot I did over the last years.

Corp. dj-ingen photography 2008


Surrounding's. Just a walk outside my apartment in Stockholm, today.
And NO the metro is not manipulated the photo is shot like that. :)

Corp. Dj-ingen photography 2008