17 feb. 2008

After Work

Relax in the sofa or have a bath tomorrow it´s monday do it after work.

Corp Dj-ingen photography, 2008

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Hampus sa...

Tack tack detsamma! :)

Tsenteminho sa...

nice pictures! and very nice blog!!
unfortunately i don't speak your languange. i'm greek and i can speak only english.


kirah sa...

I like very much your blog and these pictures, I'm spanish and unfortunately my english is very poor, but I think your blog is very nice. Congratulations

Chuck Pefley sa...

Nice work. thanks for visiting http://almostoneaday.blogspot.com

Jen sa...

Thanks for stopping at my blog (ourmdfamily.blogspot.com). Your comments were very kind, especially coming from someone so talented. Your "after work" photos are macabre & thought provoking. You're fortunate to have such a beautiful GF willing to take pictures. I like the one's from 6 Feb - I usually prefer b/w but the bright colors peeking through the back are gorgeous. I agree that PS can be entrancing & next thing you know - another day has past.

dailyphotographer sa...

wow this is really something. great shot!;D