29 jan. 2008

The working kid

Child workers play and work near a new road being constructed on the mountain slopes of the Himalayas. Sikkim is a semi Indian ruled state. It has it´s own government and flag but is still controlled mainly from New Delhi and has no real country borders. The hope of many Sikkemese people are to: one day become more like Nepal and fully rule their own country. Child labor are widely spread all over India and Sikkim is no exception. The poverty in the countryside of this region are many times extreme.

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27 jan. 2008

Boys will be boys

That´s for sure. Why we play with guns, wrestle and play hard? I guess boys will be boys.

Corp, Dj-ingen photography 2008

26 jan. 2008

free wallpaper.

One of my favorite city´s and places in Thailand is a small day time hectic / night time quiet city in the way north on the border to Burma. Mae Sai an don the Burma side is Tachilek. This photo is taken around 6 pm on from the view point of Doi Wow, a holy mountain for the local population. I can now see why it´s holy. Feel free click and enlarge use as a wallpaper.

Corp. dj-ingen photography 2008

25 jan. 2008


Hours it took but this was fun. Photoshop CS3 made my day! Click on the photo to enlarge!

Corp. Dj-ingen, photography 2008

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23 jan. 2008

Before and after Retouch

Photoshop retouching. Before picture and after. I wanted the girl to appear almost like a wax statue. Please click on the photo to see details, large size photo. I put up a 2nd test too color with a black sprinkled eye.

Corp. Dj-ingen, photography, 2008

stockholm at sunrise

Corp. Dj-ingen

15 jan. 2008

Beef Noodles photoshoot

Photo shoot of the breakdance crew Beef Noodles, Stockholm, Sweden. Spotlight lightning.


10 jan. 2008


Att resa med tåg för mycket kan göra dig trött dubbel bemärkele.

Men kyckling fötter till middag får alla att vakna till

Corp. d-ingen photography 2008

6 jan. 2008

Photoshop mayhem 2

Playing and working on a photo of a friend. 2 hours of photoshopping but it feels like 10 minutes. FUN FUN.

Corp. dj-ingen, photography 2008

5 jan. 2008

Östermalm korv

Saturday cold as F&#$.. Outside. The subway took us to Östermalms torg. It was time for one of Stockholm's most famous hot dog place. Hot dog´s German, Polish, tjeck you name it they got it. Sour kraut and french bread. Mmm yummy so this is how we eat it. Korvspecialisten, Östermalmstorg near the subway station.
Click on the photo to enlarge and see the dirty boys getting it on!

Corp, Dj-ingen, photography 2008

2 jan. 2008


Nothing to do still a bit hungover since a crazy and funny party at new year. I just post some stupid Photoshop "play around work"

Totally messed up my girlfriends face in this one.
"Värtans bästa" My area
Hip hop wannabe