22 juni 2012

Is the photo real? Street smart Kulturhuset Stockholm

If any of you guys pass by "Stockholms kulturhus" anytime soon, be sure not to miss the "Street smart" Exhibition. The all time controversial subject of street art and graffiti is presented as and discussed. In the late 70's when the graffiti scene was new and as a small art form at the time only in New york city, USA, closely connected with the 4 elements of hip hop. Today street art as a whole is spread all over the world, the scene is bigger then ever, but if it's an artform and should be accepted in our public space is a hotter discussion then ever. 
3 of the exhibition pieces are made with my help, it's 3 classic photos from the early days in the NYC graffiti scene. These photos are photoshop'ed to trick the viewer, as two well knows Swedish graffiti artists appears within the classic photos. And the Swedish graffiti artists artwork appears instead of the original artwork. 
How it was done, was the the artists built a 1x1 scale Stockholm subway car. then I took photos fitting the angle of the original subway art photos from NYC. Then a whole lot of Photoshop work was put into work. The question is, what is photos, what is the picture telling you.

More info on the exhibition as a whole "HERE"

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2 juni 2012