11 feb. 2008

Save your photos.

Your photos may not always be burned out in the highlighted part of the frame even if you think so when you take a fast look at it. Of course this is a job for photoshop. In this example of one of my friends picture I been using different techniques as in Photoshop CS3 (works in CS and CS2): Shadow highlights in adjustments menu, gradient tool to fill a new layer and blend it with a bit of Overlay in the layer blending options. Then converting it into a black and white photo and using reduce noise filter to smoothen the the whole frame of the photo. Levels/adjustment to get the right contrast and last toning it with a adjustment layer/photo filter to get the blue toning.

and woalaa!

first u see the original then the new version. Click on the photo to have a closer look.

Corp Anders Photography / dj-ingen retouch 2008

2 kommentarer:

PicturesFromMe sa...

wow did you take all off these there beautiful! i love the angles and color or lack of color its amazing! your really good at what you do!

g_mirage sa...

There's a significant difference, I like how the new photo didn't appear artificial, still looks untouched....lovely!