7 sep. 2011

Tiny Toones Reportage, Cambodia

A few weeks back I visited an amazing place in Phnom Pehn, Cambodia. The hip-hop-volunteer-help-kids-center, Tiny Toones. Read text for more info.
And please the organisation is in great need of your help, visit their site and please donate, buy, volunteer or look in the SUPPORTLIST what they need! so visit: TINY TOONES HERE

Tiny Toones Cambodia uses breakdancing, Hip-Hop music, and the contemporary arts as creative tools to empower the youth of Cambodia to live healthier lives free of HIV and drugs, build a more promising future by furthering their educational opportunities, and become positive role models for their community.
Tiny Toones welcomes all youth to participate in its programs, regardless of gender, social-economic status, physical handicaps, family background, or other personal disadvantages. The education, health, and arts curriculum of Tiny Toones consists of free daily classes in English and Khmer to supplement the children's public schooling, and the integration of HIV education and drug prevention in a fun, child-friendly approach through fun games, skits, and performances. Peer mentors are available around the clock to provide positive support and to teach the elements of Hip-Hop, including breakdancing, rapping, and DJing.
(Source: www.tinytoones.org)

This is some of the pics I took day I spent at this amazing place. I am very grateful for the time I was given to take these photos. Big up, goes to KK, Romi, Chhoeung and of course all the other people and students involed! / Danny / Dj-Ingen Photography.

The whole teaching hip hop crew



Office hours


Kids go back home

HIV and drug information classroom

English class


Class for smaller kids

Computer class

Dj studio

Girl dance crew
On this last photo in front is KK. He is the founder of Tiny Toones. He was earlier extradited from USA because of involvement with Gang criminality back in the states. He is unable to return to the US. So he started Tiny Toones in Cambodia to save as many children as possible to fall victim to crime, drug, HIV. It's a heroic project he started and it's growing. Soon the whole organization will move to a bigger place in Phnom Penh, so again they need your help!

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