5 apr. 2008

The 100th Post!

Yes this is my 100th Post since I started blogging last year. I know it been a while to be exact 8 days since I blogged last time, Ive been up to other things and totally missed out on the blog.
But anyway here I celebrate the 100th post with a few mixed unseen photos from my stock. All photos are from different places I travelled to. Short description follows all ever photo.

Slow train through, Bangkok, Thailand
The begger kid and the giving women, Kolkata, India
Man cleaning coffebeans before roasting north,
Doi Chiang Thailand
Me and Two "Akha Tribesmen" at
work in north Thailand
Pink women walking beside a pink car
pure accidental, Kolkata, India
Last prayer of Ramadan at Nakoda moque, Kolkata, India
Man checking the crops, Uppsala, Sweden
Drunk women, Gävle, Sweden
Thai tourist kids catching chickens,
Chiang Rai province, Thailand
Screaming Baby and gasping father, Göteborg, Sweden
Kid at small shop, Darjeeling, India
Kids playing football, Klong touy slums, Bangkok
Gaypride parade (not real Preasts),
Stockholm, Sweden

Reggae artist "capleton" at Uppsala reggae festival,
Uppsala, Sweden

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2 kommentarer:

Diane sa...

Love the pink women/pink car photo. Accidentals are the best!

Anonym sa...

Priests min käre watson...