5 mars 2008

Trekking Sikkim

A few photos of me and my trekking friends trekking Sikkim (north India) on the slopes of the Himalyas for 4 days. First day of the trek we went 2500 meters down a valley to same day later climb 3000 meters. It was for sure the hardest walk I have ever done in my life. We did the trek without a guide. We had a hand drawn map helping us getting to a temple where it´s been say you can stay the night. What we didn´t know was that it be so extremely far. The weather up here is very hot daytime and very cold down to 1 degrees minus at nighttime.
The first photo of Everest is taken before we left Darjeeling for Sikkim a few days later. But the whole trip was one of the best I ever done the scenery is indescribable.

Start of the first day

On the road
Jessica and Raf posing with local kids
Vegetarian breakfast at the temple 6 am yummy!
After the first day of trekking sleeping at a ranger station half way to the temple we are heading to. The cat made me warm and the amazing chinese noodle soup that later came in on the house.

Taking from Everest Darjeeling viewpoint looking into Nepal
On our way in 4 * 4 wheelers into Sikkim
Very steep slopes, Sikkim
Road construction the old way, I am showing some photos that I took while they were working
Up 3500 meters plus, We arrived at the temple and slept one night. In the morning I needed the toilet. So what could I do?
Cold Cold at night. dirt floor enormous spiders and a this bed were my only night companions.

P.s I will later put up some photos of this amazing Mahayana temple we spend the second night night at.

Corp. Ralph (London) Jessica (USA) and Dj-ingen (Sweden) Photography, 2008

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